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HAM Fair 2015   August 22rd (Saturday) and 23th (Sunday) in Tokyo
and Reports of HAM Fairs in past years.
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Amateur Radio in Japan
Japanese Band Plans (PDF)     (Revised: January 05, 2015)
Application Procedure for Foreign Amateur
Outline of Amateur Radio License in Japan
Guest Operation in Japan
General Information

All Asian DX Contest   (The results of 2014 added, February, 25, 2015)
      Contest commemorative plaque  
JARL 90th Anniversary QSO Party
      (From 15:00 UTC on 31st August to 14:59 UTC on 29th September 2015)
JARL Awards Program   (JARL Awards Winners Lookup added, January, 2016)
8J1RL/RF Log 1999, 2000, 2002-2004Jan, 2004Feb-2009Jan
    (Updated on Dec 12, 2008)
JCC and JCG List:
    JCC List (Text 19KB), JCG List (Text 20KB), Ku List (Excel 54 KB)

    (Updated, as of Jan.1, 2014)

Amateur Satellite "Fuji"

Road Traffic Act and Amateur Radio
The 6th IARU Region 3 ARDF Championships in Japan
    (Updated: September 10, 2005)

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