A mateur R adio

on the

I nternational S pace S tation

Last revised: 2005-05-20  

「宇宙ウォーキング」 しませんか

 ARISSでは、2005年秋に、国際宇宙ステーション(ISS)から「宇宙服衛星」を 打ち出す計画を進めています。これは、ISSに残されている使用期限が切れた宇宙服にアマチュア無線中継機を装置した衛星で、 船外活動の時に手動で宇宙へ押し出されます。寿命は、電源の電池が切れた時か、大気圏に突入して燃え尽きるまでの、数週間の衛星です。
 このほど「宇宙服衛星」計画から、世界の学校に対し"School Spacewalk"への招待が行われることとなりました。これは、各学校の特色などを 表現した絵、図版、またはデジタル写真などを募集してCDに記録し、「宇宙服衛星」に搭載して地球を周回する軌道に乗せようとするもので、 皆さんの学校の絵が、宇宙ウォーキングすることになります。詳細は、下記の英文をご覧ください。

 2:用紙のサイズは、21.6cm x 27.9 cm。(A4でも可)
 3:または、デジタル写真。2メガ以下でjpgフォーマット。ファイル名: 学校名_地名.jpg(半角英字)
 5:郵便宛先:School Spacewalk, c/o AMSAT, 850 Sligo Ave, Suite 600, Silver Spring, MD 20910-4703, U.S.A.

 Attention Schools!!
 Would your school like to participate in a spacewalk??
 Here is an outstanding opportunity!!


 In the fall of 2005, a Russian spacesuit is expected to be deployed from
 the International Space Station.  This deployment is expected to occur
 during a spacewalk currently planned in mid-September.  Once deployed, the
 spacesuit will orbit the Earth for several weeks until it burns up as it
 enters the Earth's atmosphere.

 The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) team has
 received permission to include a special compact disk on-board this
 spacesuit with school artwork included.  As a result, participating schools
 will have an opportunity to "fly" their artwork as part of the spacewalk.

 To participate, schools should develop a 1 page piece of artwork that
 uniquely represents your school.  This could be an artist's representation
 of the school, a list of student names, student signatures, a school
 science project summary or a school mission patch.  This artwork should be
 primarily developed by the students.  The goal is for you to use your
 imagination and engage your students in the development of the artwork.

 The page, as delivered, should not exceed 8.5x11 inches ( 216x279 mm) so
 that it can be easily scanned onto the compact disk.  Schools can also take
 a digital photograph of their art work and send this in.  If you elect to
 take a digital photograph, we ask that this be in jpg format and not exceed
 2 megs in size.  No other formats can be accepted.

 Delivery Specifics:

 All entries need to be received prior to June 15 2005 to be included on the
 compact disk.  The disk will be delivered to Russia in late June, flown to
 the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and launched on the 19P Progress
 vehicle currently planned for August 2005.

 8.5x11 inch page artwork can be mailed to the following address:
 School Spacewalk
 c/o AMSAT
 850 Sligo Ave.
 Suite 600
 Silver Spring, MD  20910-4703

 Jpg images, no greater than 2 megs, using the naming
 format  "schoolname_location.jpg"  can be e-mailed

 The ARISS team looks forward to your artwork and is pleased to provide this
 opportunity to school students around the world!!

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