1. "Fuji" award will be issued to amateur stations and SWLs.

    Applicants should contact with 10 different amateur stations through the Amateur Satellite "Fuji" (only contacts in CW or SSB mode) , and should obtain the QSL cards from those stations.


  2. Each claim must be accompanied by a QSL card list furnished with the callsigns of stations worked (heard) , dates, bands and modes of the contacts (receptions) .

  3. Each list must be accompanied by a statement from the applicat's national society or from any two amateurs other than the applicant certifying that the QSL cards of the contacts listed are in the possession of the applicant and that the items of the cards are correctly listed. If such a statement is not available, the applicant must submit all 10 QSL cards concerned.

  4. A fee of 16 IRCs or us $23iequivalent to 2,000JPYj will be charged. If QSL cards are submitted, sufficient funds for return postage will also be required.

  5. Only contacts with amateur stations authorized by the administration will be acceptable. Contacts with the Far East Military Auxiliary Stations in Japan will not be acceptable.

  6. All contacts must be made on land (river/lake) within the same call area or, if no call area exists, within the same country.

  7. All correspondence should be sent to :
    Japan Amateur Radio League - Award Desk, 1-14-5 Sugamo, Toshima, Tokyo 170-8073, Japan.

Fuji Award