JARL Ham Fair 2019
43rd HAM Fair
"Friends all over the World! Amateur Radio!!"
Dates: August 31st (Sat) and 1st (Sun) September 2019
[Admission] 1,500 Yen (Free for ladies and youth under 21 years old)

The JARL Ham Fair 2019 will be held at Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake, Tokyo on August 31st (Saturday) and September 1st (Sunday). In 2018, we had about 39,000 participants for two days.
Thanks to all visitors, manufacturers, retailers, clubs and volunteers at JARL Ham Fair 2019.

We hope to see you all again, at HAM Fair 2019!


    JARL HAM Fair is held to promote healthy development of amateur radio and improvement of technology. There are exhibitions and events for introducing amateur radio to general public, exchanging the information and establishing friendship between amateurs.
    It will be the 43rd JARL HAM Fair. The theme is "Friends all over the World! Amateur Radio!!"


    Japan Amateur Radio League, Inc. (JARL)


    Ministry of Internal affairs and Communications; Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Tokyo Metropolitan Government; NHK; Yomiuri Shimbun; Japan Radio Institute; Japan Amateur Radio Development Association; Japan Amateur Radio Industries Association; Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau


    DEMPA PUBLICATIONS, INC.; DEMPA TIMES; CQ ham radio; Kodomo no Kagaku

[Opening Hours]

    August 31st (Sat) 10:00-17:00, September 1st (Sun) 10:00-16:00


Contact: International Section, JARL

Tel: +81-3-3988-8753@FAX +81-3-3988-8772
E-mail: intl @ jarl.org
URL: http://www.jarl.org/English/4_Library/A-4-6_ham-fair/ham-fair.htm


1What is the mode of payment while buying the HAM FAIR entry ticket? Will they accept Credit Card or should we pay only in Cash?Payment method is cash only.
2Would we be provided any ID Card and Tag after purchasing the ticket?No, paper ticket is provided and you can find a pin to hold it at the gate.
3Is there anything else apart from the ticket to be shown while entering into the HAM FAIR for International HAMS? Ex. Passport, HAM License, etcNothing is required other than admission ticket.
4Can we carry camera and take photos in the HAM FAIR?Yes.
5Is there any dress code to be followed for the HAM FAIR?Nothing particular, just casual.
6Is the food included as part of the ticket for 2 days or should we buy separately?Food is not included.
7If we purchase any items handy, antenna, etc in HAM FAIR, would they give us bill in English?Perhaps in Japanese only.
8What are the specifications for the power cables / plug points in JAPAN for charging laptops / mobiles?Power Plug is Category A with AC 100 V 50 Hz.
9What is the process for International HAMS to talk on radio in the HAM FAIR? Do we need to take a reciprocal license?If you have a valid reciprocal license recognized by Japanese Authority, you can apply for license at least a month preferably two months in advance.
Please visit: http://www.jarl.org/English/3_Application/A-3.htm
10Can you please suggest good cost effective hotels near to HAM FAIR?You can try Tokyu Stay hotel at Gotanda or Shimbashi.
11Would it be hot, normal or cold in August in Tokyo?It is hot and humid, day's low of 25 C and day's high of 30 C or above.
12What is the local transportation?
Can we have a daily pass?
How much does it cost approx.?
If you stay in Shimbashi area, "Yurikamome" LRT takes you to Tokyo Big Sight. A daily ticket is 820 Yen. There are number of different rail companies in Tokyo and no tickets covers all systems.
You can ask your hotel staff for more details.

Sorry, English report is not available for Ham Fair. The Japanese reports of the ham fair are as follows. Please click a Ham Fair logo of the year that you want to see.


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