How to apply for JARL "Contest Award"

Participants in JARL contests can obtain the contest awards which will be
issued by fulfilling certain requirements during the contest period:

1. Types of JARL Contest Awards (in case of All Asian DX)
(1) ADXA (having contacts with at least 30 Asian DXCC entities)
(2) ADXA-Half (having contacts with at least 15 Asian DXCC entities)
(3) HAC (having heard six continents: for SWL only)
(4) WAC (having contacts with six continents)
In addition, there are following awards:
(5) 50 QSOs Award, 100 QSOs Award, 150 QSOs Award.........
(6) 20 Multi Award, 40 Multi Award, 60 Multi Award 100 Multi Award........

2. Endorsements
You can request a maximum three of the following endorsements.
(1) Single Band
(2) Single Mode
(3) QRP (QRPp)

3. Fees

8 IRCs /
US$(Equivalent to 1,000JPY)
/ 1,000JPY
Contest Award fee
JARL Non-Members 1,000JPY
JARL Members 500JP-Yen

 ❉ Request
     If you use the PAYPAL, please contact by e-mail to JARL.

4. Applications
Please submit your application and the copy of your summary sheet with the required fee.
Do not forget to mention which type of contest award you want to obtain.

    ∗Application form:  PDF    MS-WORD

〇Deadline:   Applications will be accepted for three months after each contest.

〇Send application to:
       Membership Section
       Otsuka HT Bldg, Minamiotsuka 3-chome, Toshima, Tokyo 170-8073

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