Vol. 11, No. 2; April 1998

Mark the Date on Your Calendar
Ham Fair '98
JARL's largest and most popular summer event "Amateur Radio Festival", better known as "Ham Fair", will be held for 3 days from Friday August 21st. through Sunday the 23rd., at the same site as last year "Tokyo Big Sight", located in the center of Tokyo. The fair aims at introducing amateur radio activities to the general public as well as promoting the exchange of information and friendship among radio amateurs. This year, its theme is "It's easy to enjoy HF bands" and catchphrase is "Now, think what amateur radio is. Let's join and enjoy".
This year, you will enjoy many events such as: "Giant Flea Market", "Special Commemorative Station 8J1HAM", "Variety of JARL member services", two new exhibitions named "Outdoor" and "Ham & P. C. Communications", and not to be forgotten will be "Home Brew Equipment Contest" and "Drawing Picture Contest" (good works will be awarded by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Japan !!). There also will be the JAIA Fair (sponsored by Japan Amateur Radio Industries Association) displaying their tempting array of various updated and sophisticated equipment. Doors will be open from 10 o'clock in the morning to 5 in the evening, with an admission fee of 1,500 yen, good for all 3 days !! (students up to middle-high school are free of charge).
Ham Fair will receive support from the MPT as well as the Ministry of Education, the Tokyo Metropolitan Authorities, the Nihon Hoso Kyokai, the Yomiuri Sninbun, the Japan Radio Association, the Japan Amateur Radio Development Association, the Japan Amateur Radio Industries Association and many others.
51,500 visited last year and we hope more visitors will come this year. So please come !!
Image of "Tokyo Big Sight"

JARL's General Assembly in Nagano
Nagano where the Winter Olympic Games (in February) and the Paralympic (in March) were held, has been chosen as the site of JARL's 40th General Assembly 1998. The assembly will be held on Sunday, May 30th at the Nagano Prefectural Culture Hall. Now, local radio amateurs are in preparation for many events such as: "Commemorative Amateur Radio Station", "Nagano General Assembly Award","Nagano Local Products Market"......etc.

Having Fun and Learning A Lot with Ham Radio
JN1YUU, a club station in Takahana Elementary School in Inzai-City, Chiba-Prefecture, is known as an active schoolchildren's club station.
Mr. Hironao Kishi, a teacher who earned an amateur radio license (on students' advice!) said, "Frankly speaking, when I was appointed as adviser for the club, I wasn't interested in amateur radio much. I was just curious to know why students look so happy when they are in ham shack." Now, he sets a high value on amateur radio as an important educational media. "Much of an amateurs' educational efforts tend to go toward licensing, but I consider that there are other opportunities for education. Not only the math and science used in amateur radio applies equally to the classroom education, but also students learn many important things such as: a polite manner of speaking (amateur radio gives students a chance to talk with people of all ages on the air), geography takes on a new meaning when a student works a new city, sorting out QSL cards is a way to learn how to put things in order, communication with foreigners is a very good exercise for English conversation and cultivating international mind, perseverant spirit is needed for DX communication, and many more." He explained.
Now, there are 27 students in the club. Interestingly most of them are vigorous girls.
This club was spotlighted at the Ham Fair '97.
Not only the club got a place in Drawing Picture Contest, also a girl of the club won the first prize (the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Award) in the same contest !!
Image of JN1YUU club members

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