Vol. 11, No. 1; February 1998

JARL Starts DXCC Field Checking
As from February '98, JARL is going to start "Card Checking" service for its members who wish to apply undermentioned DXCC awards. QSL cards for applying those awards may be checked by JARL staff who were officially acknowledged as DXCC Field Representatives by the ARRL.
(1) Mixed(2) Phone(3) CW(4) RTTY
(5) 80 Meter(6) 40 Meter(7) 10 Meter(8) Five-Band DXCC
Maximum number of QSO for confirmation is 120 and it shall not contain any QSLs from countries that are not on the list of "eligible countries." They are indicated in the ARRL DXCC Countries List.

IOTA-JA Check Point
Since Mr. Yasuhisa Nakashima, JA9IFF/1 and Mr. Koji Hoshi, JQ1HBT have been authorized as IOTA-JA Check Point by RSGB, it is possible now for Japanese radio amateurs to apply British IOTA awards in Japan. Up to this time, Japanese amateurs had to send QSL cards to the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) to apply IOTA.
For more information, please contact:JA9IFF/1E-Mail:

Nagano Olympic Station
8NØWOG Opened !!
As reported in the previous issue of The JARL NEWS, a special commemorative amateur radio station 8NØWOG is now in operation to celebrate the historic opening of the XVIII Olympic Winter Games, Nagano 1998 !! It is for any amateur licensees from any country.
Site:Nagano City Warm-Hearty Welfare Center
(In Japanese: Fureai-Fukushi-Center )
1714-5, Midori-cho, Nagano-city
Image of 8NØWOG QSL cards

JARL's W.W.W. Includes
All Asian DX Contest Results
JARL's Worldwide Web includes many kinds of information in English. For example: the results of '97 All Asian DX Contest, outline of Japanese amateur radio, application procedures for foreign amateurs, and many more!! Please take a look.

766 New Members
JARL devoted the period from November 15th to December 20th, 1997 as its membership promotion campaign for canvassing for more members. As a result, 766 amateurs were newly registered. Not only JARL members who introduced new members, but also new members themselves were drawn by lottery and lucky winners of the lottery were presented nice prizes such as "tickets to/from Nagano", "hand held GPS receivers" and many more. (Please refer to Vol.10, No.5) The number of JARL members as of December 7th, 1998 is 146,025.

JARL's Schedule for 1998
Feb.28 - Mar.1Directors' Meeting (Tokyo)
April 18 - 19Election for Directors, Councillors and others
April 26Directors' Meeting (Tokyo)
May 30Directors' Meeting (Nagano)
Councillors' Meeting (Nagano)
May 31The 40th General Assembly (Nagano)
June 27 - 28Directors' Meeting (Tokyo)
August 21 - 231998 Amateur Radio Festival (Tokyo)
October 31Directors' Meeting (Tokyo)
November 8All-Japan ARDF Competition (Hiroshima)
November 28Directors' Meeting (Tokyo)
November 29Councillors' Meeting (Tokyo)

Silent Key
On December 19, 1997, Mr. Masaru Ibuka who guided Sony Corp.'s rise from a small radio factory to a world electronics leader died at the age of 89. Mr. Ibuka was one of founders of Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corp., a company that later named Sony. One of Ibuka's first products was Japan's first tape recorder. He also introduced Japan's first transistor radio to the world.
When Mr. Ibuka was in Waseda University in Tokyo, he was interested in radio, and began to produce home-brew radios. He operated an amateur radio station 3BB actively and became an authority of Japanese amateur radio scene.
Mr. Hara, JA1AN, President of JARL, one of his close friends, grieved over his death and said: "It is a great regret that I heard of the passing of Mr. Ibuka who highly valued a spirit of amateur radio. Mr. Ibuka used to say 'There are many people who tend to criticize, but surprisingly very few who try and built up things by themselves. I certainly hope to see leaders in many fields coming out from amateur radio world.'"

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