Vol. 10, No. 4; November 1997

IARU Region 3 Conference in Beijing, China
The 10th International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 3 Conference was held in Beijing, China from September 8th to 12th. It was hosted by the Chinese Radio Sports Association (CRSA). Representatives of 20 Amateur Radio organizations in Asia-Pacific area attended (more than 100 conference attendees !!) including the first participation of representatives of the Vietnam Amateur Radio Club as observers.
Representing the JARL was Mr. Shozo Hara, JA1AN, President, assisted by Mr. Masayoshi Ebisawa, JA1DM, Executive Director, Mr. Yoshio Arisaka, JA1HQG, Standing Director, Mr. Masao Matsumoto, JA1AYC, Director, Mr. Jay Oka, JA1TRC, International Section Manager and others.
The conference was started with a welcome speech given by Mr. Xu Zengwu, President of CRSA. Honored guests who attended the opening ceremony were: Mr. Robert Jones, VE3CTM, Director, the Radiocommunications Bureau of International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Mr. Wang Bao Liang, Vice Minister of the State Sports Commission of China, Mr. He Fuqi, Director General of the Office of State Radio Regulatory Commission of China, Ms. He Jin, a representative of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and Mr. R. Baldwin, W1RU, President of IARU.
JARL proposed to nominate Mr. Chen Ping, BA1HAM for Conference Chairman and the floor agreed with acclamation. It also was agreed that three Working Groups (WG1: Policy matters, WG2: Technical and operational matters, and WG3: FASC/ITU/WRC matters) should be formed. After various sessions were convened, following resolutions were, among many others, adopted.
7 MHz Band
Making every efforts to acquire exclusive worldwide allocation of 300 kHz on 7 MHz band with highest priority.
Radio Regulation
Appeal to IARU Future of the Amateur Service Committee (FASC) that role of the Amateur Services as a disaster communications resource be recognized explicitly in the Radio Regulations. In order to secure the amateur bands for the future, all member societies are urged to make utmost efforts to reflect the position of the Amateur Services upon the policy of their administrations and to join in the delegation of their administrations to ITU Conferences and Meetings.
IARU Monitoring System
To continue to participate in monitoring activities to solve problems of intruders into amateur bands. The serious situation of interference seemingly coming from Indonesia was discussed and an appropriate assistance was recommended for solving it.
The current ARDF rules should be kept as original, and to set a guideline for special conditions of Region 3 to be extended to include physical strength and technical skills.
Mr. David Rankin, 9V1RH, retired after 24 years of service as Secretary and Director. The other incumbent directors, HL1IFM, JJ1OEY, ZL2AMJ, and 9M2SS were reelected. Former Director Dr. David A. Wardlaw, VK3ADW, was returned to office. Mr. Keigo Komuro, JA1KAB, was re-elected as Secretary, and Mr. Fred Johnson, ZL2AMJ continues to be as Chairman of Directors. Next IARU Region 3 conference will be held in Australia in the year 2000.
JARL submitted following documents and all of them were accepted and some of them were incorporated into conference motions.
1 Report from JARL
2 Report - STARS ***
3 Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake Emergency Communication
4 Amateur Satellite JAS-2
5 IARU Monitoring System
Photos; 1, 2, 3

8th ARDF World Championship in Germany
September 2nd to 7th, the 8th ARDF World Championships was held in a famous holiday resort, Sankt Englmar, Germany. Teams of 29 Amateur Radio organizations participated with many observers. (250 people in all)
On 3rd, training and testing of equipment on 3.5 MHz and 144 MHz were conducted and "Chip-card System" to be used in both 3.5 and 144 MHz competitions was introduced. 144 MHz competition was held on 4th, and 3.5 MHz was held on 6th. Regretfully the Japanese team, led by Director Futoshi Nomura, JE3TSA, could not gain good results, but they could deepen international friendships with many foreign amateurs.
Photos; 1, 2

All Japan ARDF Competition
On October 5th, in Tateyama-town known as a town lying at the foot of "Japanese Alps," the All-Japan ARDF Competition was held under the auspices of JARL. In spite of the rain, a total of 160 competitors ran about the mountains and fields to find TXes. The competition was honored by attendance of Korean team (10 people). It made the competition international.

2nd World HST Championships
From October 5th to 11th, the 2nd High Speed Telegraphy (HST) Championships was held in Sofia, Bulgaria. 180 high speed CW enthusiasts from 15 countries participated. The Japanese team, led by Director Tsuneo Hara, JA8ATG, did their very best, however, they had to realize how great a distance there is between the level of the world and theirs.
At the 1st HST Championships held in 1995, Russian team made vigorous efforts and ranked highest. This time, Belarus succeeded in a splendid achievement. Especially improvements in young generation in the team was remarkable. Next championships will be held in Italy.
Team results were:

Fees Amended
In compliance with a partial amendment of the Government Ordinance on amateur radio related fees which became effective on October 1, 1997, amount of application fee for foreign amateur radio licensees to establish a station in Japan has been reduced. New fees for their station licenses are:
50 watts or less (mobile/portable) Yen 7,000 (Before: Yen 12,000)
More than 50 watts (but 200 watts or less, fixed only) Yen 10,000 (Before: Yen 21,000)
Renewal Yen 2,500 (Before: Yen 4,350)

JARL's New Year Party
To promote mutual friendship among all radio amateurs, JARL holds every year, on the air "QSO party". In this New Year Party, amateur radio operators throughout the country exchange New Year greetings on the air during the period from 00:00 of Jan 2nd to 12:00 of the following day (UTC).
When an operator has exchanged communications with twenty or more different stations, he or she is entitled to receive a free sticker of the Chinese zodiac sign for that year from JARL. When he or she has accumulated twelve different sign stickers signifying the twelve years of the Chinese zodiac, then he or she is deemed to have achieved the goal.
Although it is rather time-consuming, many amateur radio operators, even those rarely have opportunities to get on the air, participate in this QSO party each year. So, please enjoy the party and send a log sheet with "SASE" (Yen 80 stamp), or "SAE" (with one IRC) if you are in abroad. 1998 is the year of Tiger.

Survey on Ham Fair
The 1997 Amateur Radio Festival (Ham Fair) was once again held at Tokyo Big Site from August 22rd to 24th. It received support from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, the Ministry of Education, the Tokyo Metropolitan Authorities and many others. The total number of visitors during those three days was 51,500 !! It includes 6 students and 3 teachers from China who were invited by JARL.
During these 3 days, JARL made a general survey to visitors on the following items. Compiled statistics are:
Men and Women Ratio
Men: 91.7 % Women: 8.3%
Age Group
Under 15: 2 % 40 to 49: 25 %
16 to 19: 4 % 50 to 59: 12 %
20 to 29:16 % 60 and older: 6 %
30 to 39:29 %
Favorite Frequency
HF bands: 29 %
V/UHF bands: 63 %
U/SHF band: 8 %

Nagano Olympic Station 8NØWOG
Don't forget to bring your amateur radio license when you come to XVIII Olympic Winter Games, Nagano 1998 which will be held from February 7th to 22nd, 1998. A special commemorative amateur radio station 8NØWOG will be opened for any amateur licensees from any country !!

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