Vol. 10, No. 3; May 1997

A Long-Anticipated Appeal Realized !!
MPT Admits "Guest Operation"
JARL has long been recognizing the radio amateurs' suggestion about "Guest Operation" and soliciting the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) continuously to admit it. In consequence, MPT has now finally accepted JARL's appeal and a new system was introduced for the purpose by an official gazette dated Feb. 24, 1997. According to the new system, those who have valid amateur radio licenses including those hams holding licenses issued in USA, Canada, Germany, France, Finland, Ireland, Australia and Korea* are eligible to operate hosts' amateur radio stations. Now foreign radio amateurs who hold the said licenses are not necesarrily required to establish own amateur stations to enjoy amateur radio. Major points of the new system, effective as of Feb. 24, 1997 are:
(1) Guest operators must have valid amateur licenses.
(2) Guest operators must operate according to his/her own lisenced qualification, as well as hosts' stations' scope of operation e.g. output power, bands and modes.
(3) Hosts ( licensees ) must be present during the guests' operation.
(4) Guests operators must identify with hosts' callsign followed by his/her own callsign or name, e.g. JA1AN / W1RU or JA1RL / Michael.
* Where reciprocal agreements exist between these countries and Japan.

'97 Ham Fair, Plan To Be There !!
The Amateur Radio Festival ( Ham Fair ) which is said to be as grand as "Hamvention" in U.S., or "Ham Radio" in Germany, will be held for 3 days at the Tokyo Big Site located in Ariake, Tokyo, from August 22 to 24, 1997. This upcoming Ham Fair will boast of a wide range of exhibits such as: all kinds of high-tech exhibits of amateur radio equipment, the dealer and club flea market, not-to-be missed lectures, ......etc.
Most notably, a special commemorative station, 8J1HAM will be established. Additionally, JARL will hold its annual contest for home brew equipment. Winners of this contest will receive the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Awards !! Access to the site will be a twenty minute ride by the Yurikamome Line which starts from Shimbashi JR Station and travels through newly developed bay side areas. Last year the event attracted 55,000 visitors. We hope for many more this year !!

Something Good Has Been Added
JARL Members Get 10 % Discount !!
JARL members are now granted special consideration when staying at hotels and/or inns. This new service offers JARL members a 10 % discount at all hotels and inns throughout Japan. Most notably JARL members will get 10 % discount at all Holiday Inns around the world by only showing their membership card and mentioning JARL's registration number. We hope you will take advantage of this new arrangement.

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