Vol. 10, No. 2; February, 1997

Amateur Satellite "JAS-2" Report
Since August 17, 1996 (the day JAS-2 was launched), we have been conducting a variety of in-orbital tests on JAS-2's several functions and can now confirm its capabilities of Power Supply System, Communication System, Attitude Control System and Thermal Control System. We'd now like to inform all satellite users of following factors which have become obvious as of Jan. 17, 1997.
(1) Power Supply System
Maximum electric current generated by solar cells is 1.5A and Bus voltage is from 13.5 to 17 V. It keeps more than 23W. However, it is thought preferable to avoid operating an analog system and a digital system simultaneously as the eclipse factor keeps 33 % for a while.
(2) Communication System
It has been confirmed that both analog and digital transponder systems (1200bps/9600bps/digi-talker)work very well. But the "Mail-Box function" comes to a stop when in use for about several days. At first, we thought this problem is simply because of software's "bugs". We therefore manipulated the Satellite itself and worked on its simulator to find out the problem. Finally, after numerous tests, we came to the conclusion that the fault could be traced to JAS-2's "error correction system" which is made to prevent unexpected data transformation. So, on Jan. 16, we up-loaded a software to repair the problem. We are now observing the results.
(3) Attitude Control System
We confirmed that there are no problems in "Solar Sensor", "Geomagnetic Sensor" and "Magnetic Torquer". And both "Netation Damping System" and "Spin Control System" are working well. As we used Nutation Damping System, initial nutation decreased and "Fading" in down-link signals has almost vanished. We, also confirmed the function of automatic solar tracking mode. We will continue carefully to monitor and control the satellite's attitude to increase solar cell power and to keep good thermal condition.
(4) Thermal Control
Temperature of satellites' main structure indicates between 4 and 18 degree and the battery temperature keeps between 6 and 20 degrees, and solar cell temperature indicates in-between -11 and +22 degrees. These are stable and healthy as planned. The solar cell temperature has gone up 3 to 5 degrees in comparison with the temperature when launched because of the earth comes closest to the sun in Jan.
(5) Future Operation
We are currently planning to complete evaluation operation by the end of Jan. and intend to move to ordinary operation in Feb. "Mail-Box" function can be used during evaluation operation. Please use it.
"JAS-2" Operation Plan
Date Time (UTC) Mode
Feb. 21 00:56 JA Analog Operation
28 01:35 JD Digital Operation 1200bps PSK Mail-Box Operation
Mar. 07 00:30 JD Digital Operation 9600bps FSK Mail-Box Operation
14 01:05 JA Analog Operation
21 00:00 JD Digital Operation 1200bps PSK Mail-Box Operation
28 10:45 JD Digi-talker FM Voice Message Transmission
Apr. 01 00:30 JD Digital Operation 9600bps FSK Mail-Box Operation

JARL Authorizes Your Morse Skill
CW (continuous wave) is the simplest mode and Morse code has been called the most basic form of radio communication. It is certainly a universal language between radio operators all over the world and has been supporting wireless communication over a century. Needless to say, radio amateurs scattered in almost every part of the world are fond of this attractive mode and are making use of it on many amateur bands.
To respect this traditional way of communication and to activate it for the future, JARL established a new authorization system of radio amateurs' morse skill (Receiving skill only). Roughly speaking, there are two areas of authorization in this system. One area includes those for Japanese characters and Europian alphabets; the other includes only those for Europian alphabets.
Also, from another point of authrization, there are two categories:
"DAN" (from "Master" to "Syodan") and "KYU" (Class 1 to Class 3) following the system of Japanese traditional way of authorization for "Judo" and "Karate" as shown in the tabele below.
Lowest class, 3 kyu is for hams who can simply distinguish Morse signals from A to Z. Above all, this system is different from the national examination for amateur radio operators. This is JARL's unique recognition for radio amateurs. Certifications are well designed !! The first test will be held on March 16, 1997, in Tokyo.
ClassSpeed/min.Length of Exam
Master1805 minutes
5 Dan160
4 Dan140
3 Dan120
2 Dan1103 minutes
1 Kyu60
2 Kyu452 minutes
3 Kyu25

A Party to Commemorate Mr. Hara's Decoration
Since the 3rd class Order of the Sacred Treasure was given to Mr. Shozo Hara, JA1AN, President of JARL at the end of 1996, a commemorative party was held in Hotel Okura in Tokyo on Jan.22. More than 180 people, not only amateur radio related people, but also members of the Diet and MPT high officials came to congratulate Mr. Hara.

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