Vol. 9, No. 4; December 1996

JARL Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary
It was with great pride that on November 23, the President of JARL, Mr. Hara, JA1AN, joined by amateurs, gathered not only from various parts of Japan but also from abroad as well, celebrated the League's 70th anniversary of its establishment. Invited to the party, which was held at the Hotel Okura in central Tokyo, were more than 700 guests and the ceremony began with an address by the President who warmly welcomed his guests and expressed his appreciation for the many congratulatory messages he had received. Mr. Hara went on to say that "with more than the current 160,000 members, redoubled efforts must be made to cope with and study the many new techniques which will be evident as time races towards the next century. And to our foreign guests, let me conclude by expressing my sincere thanks for the unfailing cooperation you and your Societies have always extended to all JARL members. Your continued support will be much appreciated. Thank you."
Several honorable overseas guests came personally to extend their best wishes among whom were Mr. Richard L. Baldwin, W1RU, President of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU); Mr. Fred Johnson, ZL2AMJ, Chairman of the IARU Region 3; Mr. Rodney Stafford, KB6ZV, President of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL); Mr. Xu Zengwu, President of Chinese Radio Sports Association (CRSA); Mr. Chen Ping, BA1HAM, Secretary General of CRSA; Ms. Liu Guangyu, Deputy Secretary-General of CRSA; Dr. Joong-Geun Rhee, HL1AQQ, President of the Korean Amateur Radio League (KARL) and his wife; Mr. Young-Soon Park, HL1IFM, Honorable President of KARL.
After Mr. Masahito Tani, Director General of the Telecommunication Bureau delivered a speech on behalf of the Minister of MPT, Mr. Baldwin followed with some words on behalf of radio amateurs covering all IARU societies the gist being that "it is important that JARL continues its tradition of being a leader among the world's amateur radio societies and that it continues to support those activities which benefit amateur radio not only in Japan but throughout the world."
Letters of Appreciation were then handed out to 290 outstanding individuals as well as clubs all commended for their dedication and hard work. Along with Letters of Appreciation given out, 2,191 amateurs received awards culminating their earnest contribution to amateur radio.
Just prior to the conclusion of the ceremonies, a movie titled: "The Birth of Fuji-3, Our New Amateur Satellite" was shown and which everyone enjoyed.
Thus ended the ceremonial part of the celebration, giving way to a more festive and lively party which continued in an adjacent room. Seen enjoying themselves were several members of the Japanese Diet Ham Club members who joined Mr. Keizo Obuchi, JI1KIT, a member of the House of Representatives; Mr. Katsutsugu Sekiya, JA5FHB, former Minister of the Ministry of Posts and Tele-communications, a member of the House of Representatives; Mr. Tatsuro Matsumae, JL1SRS, a member of the House of Councilors, and Ms. Kiyoko Ono, 7M3URU, a member of the House of Councilors participated and enjoyed talking on about amateur radio with many hams at the party.

Mr. Hara Receives A Decoration!!
Decreed by his Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Japan and later endorsed by the Prime Minister, The Third Class Order of the Sacred Treasure was bestowed on JARL's President, Mr. Shozo Hara, JA1AN. The actual presentation was held on Nov. 3, 1996 at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications's Hall in Tokyo.
Mr. Hara was awarded this special Order in recognition of his great contribution to the development in the field of amateur radio which lead to the promotion of radio communications technics in general. He was also commended for the many challenges he has met by keeping abreast with new technologies coming onto the scene.

Christmas Greetings from The New Star
JARL's third amateur satellite JAS-2 (Fuji-3) which was launched and thrown into orbit in August, this year, possesses a new function called "Digi-Talker." In this issue, we would like to explain how easy it is to receive the signals from the satellite by using its innovational function, Digi-Talker as it will be turned on during Christmas season.
- How to Receive the Signals -
JAS-2 carries Digi-Talker which is able to transform digital signals* (initially transmitted from the control station in Tokyo) to analog signals. To listen to the signals (voices) coming from the satellite, all you need to prepare is just a 430MHz FM hand- held transceiver, with a 3-element handy Yagi antenna is preferable, but attached antenna (rubber ducky) works equally well. Very simple for receiving signals from outer space isn't it? The location can be anywhere but no obstacles. On the rooftop or in the park is good enough.
Actual frequency, allocated for the Digi-Talker, is 435.91MHz. Please, however, adjust frequency on 435.92MHz due to the Doppler effect, and wait patiently until the satellite comes. If you don't hear anything, control frequency down by 5 kHz steps. (Maximum Doppler of JAS-2 is 8 kHz) The frequency will be 435.91MHz when the satellite comes closest to you. Don't forget to free the squelch to be able to catch weak signals and need to turn your antenna all directions to catch the signals at first.
Please keep a record on receiving place, time, signal strength, the details of contents of the signals and send a report VIA bureau in your country to JARL. You will, in time, receive a verification card.
Japan Amateur Radio League Technical Labs.
1-14-5, Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-73, Japan
*Note: general amateur stations can not transmit digital signals for the Digi-Talker to JAS-2.

Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for 1997!

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