Vol. 9, No. 3; November 1996

JARL Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary
The Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) was established in 1926 by a group of 37 radio communication enthusiasts. In those days there was an ardent and earnest desire to promote and develop the utilization of radio wave technology in Japan which resulted in those amateurs to establish a national amateur radio organization, the current JARL.
Thanks to their continued efforts, amateur radio developed slowly but surely until finally the number of amateur radio stations in Japan came to about 1,370,000 which number can be regarded as being almost half of the total amateur stations in the world !! An accomplishment to be admired.
Needless to say, until we reached the present-day growth of amateur radio in Japan, there were countless obstacles to be overcome. Much too many to enumerate here.
On the other hand, there were several events which merit mention. One such being the launching in August this year of JAS-2. This new star, now named "Fuji-3" is providing services to radio amateurs living in many parts of the world. This goes to show JARL's continued contribution towards promotion of scientific experimentation. It must not be forgotten that the growth and development and rapid technological changes seen in recent years must be assumed to continue into the 21st century and we amateurs must brace ourselves and be well prepared to meet all ongoing challenges.
To celebrate the achievements of 70 years of hardwork, cooperation and understanding, JARL will hold a ceremony at the Hotel Okura, on November 23, 1996 and commemorative awards will be issued. JARL is very much looking forward to receiving logs from around the world. Followings are the summaries of its rules.

70th Anniversary of the JARL Awards
< J Award > Contact at least seven Japanese prefixes.
< A Award > Contact seven different countries (not including JA/JD)
< R Award > Contact at least seven JARL commemorative stations.
< L Award > Contact at least seven Japanese stations in different grid squares (4 figures : the first 2 characters and 2 numbers)
< 70 Award > Contact 70 stations on one band or mode. In case of 2400 MHz or above, the number of stations are; 2400 MHz : 35, 5600 MHz : 10 10 GHz : 7, 24 GHz : 2
Contacts must be made between June 1,1996 and May 31, 1997. Applications will be accepted until December 31,1997. The Awards are also available to SWL. Please send a log (GCR is not needed) and 6 IRCs to :
JARL Awards Desk, 14-5, Sugamo 1-chome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-73, Japan

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