Vol. 17, No. 3; June 2004

JARL General Meeting in Osaka

JARL's 46th General Assembly was held on Sunday the 23rd of May, 2004, in Osaka (JA3 area) and about 1,200 members from all over the country gathered to attend the meeting to discuss about the JARL's business program and budget for the new fiscal year.

New Directors & Auditors
The two-year term of the Directors and Auditors has been expired at the time of the Meeting and the following officers have formally been assigned.
President: Shozo Hara (JA1AN)
Vice President: Kazuo Niwa (JA1AYO)
Tadashi Sugiyama (JH2XPV)
Executive Director/
IARU Liaison Officer:
Takenobu Kaieda (JH1HNH)
Director: Yoshio Hayashi (JA1UT)
Yoshio Arisaka (JA1HQG)
Tokimasa Kimura (JA2HDE)
Yoshihiko Hasegawa (JA3HXJ)
Atsumi Kawaguchi (JA4CX)
Kyuji Takeyari (JA4RE)
Akira Inage (JA5MG)
Kaeko Miyagawa (JF6MIT)
Toshihiko Yamanouchi (JA7AIW)
Tsuneo Hara (JA8ATG)
Yoshikazu Kato (JA8CDT)
Shigekazu Okano (JA9AAO)
Hitoshi Nakada (JA0HC)
Auditor: Tadahiko Honma (JA1UE)
Taiei Goto (JH3GAH)

Special Commemorative Stations

JARL members who attended the meeting had privilege of operation the special commemorative stations.

Many participants advertised the General Meeting on the air!!

"Kansai Amateur Radio Festival 2004"
took place at the same time

The venue proved ideal with plenty of space for a variety of presentations and displays by manufacturers of amateur radio equipment, related apparatuses etc. Additionally, amateur radio clubs and several deft individuals showed off their wares and not to be forgotten was the junk market!!

Following are a selection of photos from the event.

Several symposiums were held.
New system, D-STAR, was exhibited to the public.
A series of demonstration meetings
A junk market was also arranged in outside.
Many kinds of products!!
The site was overcrowded
"Manufacturers Exhibition Room" was opened.
An enjoyable eyeball QSO party was held on May 22.

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