Vol. 16, No. 3; September 2003

Ms. Kiyoko Ono, 7M3URU
becomes head of
the National Public Safety Commission

A Japanese amateur radio operator, Kiyoko Ono, 7M3URU, is now a member of the Cabinet of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.

Mr. Koizumi, on Sept. 21, was re-elected President of the Liberal Democratic Party and he formed his second Cabinet the following day.

Ms. Ono, was selected by the Prime Minister to become Chairperson of the National Public Safety Commission. She is serving her third term in the House of Councilors.

Ms. Ono, a bronze medalist in gymnastics at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, is a JARL member and a strong supporter of amateur radio who has attended many JARL events despite her busy schedule.

Considered very knowledgeable about cultural, education and welfare issues, Ms. Ono also serves as an executive board member of the Japan Olympic Committee.
Photos Above: Kiyoko Ono, 7M3URU, visiting Ham Fair 2002, giving words of praise to contest winners. Below: Ono, third from left, attending the opening ceremony of Ham Fair 2001.

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