Vol. 14, No. 4; November 2001

CRSA President Visits JARL
On October 29, Mr. Zhao Mingyu, President of Chinese Radio Sports Association, visited JARL headquarters. He was planning to come to Japan to attend Ham Fair 2001, a big annual summer event which was held in Yokohama from August 31 through September 2, but he couldn't arrange to visit at that time due to his schedule. This time, he came to Japan on an other business trip and took advantage of this opportunity to visit JARL.

Mr. Shozo Hara Mr. Zhao Mingyu

Mr. Zhao first observed the JARL's amateur satellite control room. It controls amateur satellite "JAS-2," which was successfully put into space in 1996 on an H-II launch vehicle from Tanegashima Space Center of NASDA. It succeeded "JAS-1b," which was launched in 1990. Both of them are still functioning in orbit. Next Mr. Zhao visited the JARL Exhibition Room adjoining JARL's headquarters in Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo that displays a vast array of equipment, such as Japan's earliest amateur radio transmitter, new and old wireless units (from the early 1900s to the present), vacuum tubes and parts, international literature, shields, pennants, postage stamps, etc., under the guidance of Mr. Hara, JA1AN, President of JARL. Mr. Hara exchanged views with Mr. Zhao about the future of amateur radio, and gave him a tour of the Akihabara electronics district where he enjoyed to the fullest the experience of the largest electronic sales zone in Asia!

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