JARL 2005 IARU Region 3 ARDF Championships in Japan IARU Region 3
Last Updated: August 17, 2005

General Information

  • Entry Visa:
    In principle, any foreigner wishing to enter Japan is required to possess a valid passport and a valid visa obtained from the office (embassy or consulate) representing Japan.

    Exemption of Visas; Nationals of countries with reciprocal visa exemption arrangements with Japan, holding valid passports can apply for landing permission for short-term stays such purposes as sightseeing and business trips without acquiring a visa. (List of countries can be seen here. 62 countries as of May 2005)

    A Guide to Japanese Visas; Nationals from other countries are required to obtain "Temporary Visitor's Visa" at a Japanese Embassy or Consulate, and the guide can be found here. If you require any assistance in obtaining Japanese visa, please let us know IMMEDIATELY.
  • Insurance:
    All the participants are requested to arrange their medical insurance for treatment while travelling in Japan. Due to procedural difficulties and budgetary constraints, JARL and local organizer are not able to bear the medical expenses or any other expenses during the event.
  • All About Niigata:,   Niigata travel Guides
  • Customs:
    You are required to make either an oral or a written declaration about your belongings when you enter Japan. Two copies of a written declaration required if you have unaccompanied baggage. Customs declaration forms are available on the plane or the Customs office.
  • Currency:
    The unit of Japanese currency is Yen. (Bill : 10,000/5,000/2,000/1,000 Coin : 500/100/50/10/5/1 )
    Exchange rate: US Dollar 1 = JP Yen 106.95 (as at 25 April 2005)
  • (Typical) Business Hours:
      Weekdays Saturdays Sundays & National Holidays
    Banks 09:00 --- 15:00 Closed Closed
    Post Offices 09:00 --- 17:00 Closed Closed
    Department Stores 10:00 --- 19:30 10:00 --- 19:30 10:00 --- 19:30
    Shops 10:00 --- 20:00 10:00 --- 20:00 10:00 --- 20:00
    Offices 09:00 --- 17:00 Closed Closed
  • Weather:
    In September, average temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Time Zone:
    Local time of Japan is UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) +9 hours.
  • Electronic Appliances:
    Commercial electricity in Niigata is supplied with 100 volts and 50 Hz.

  • Amateur Reciprocal Licensing
    Please note that no license is necessary to compete in the ARDF events. The license is only necessary to operate your own amateur radio transmitting equipment.

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